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TUSC candidates report for the 2012 local elections

Total number of TUSC council candidates: 132

Councils in which TUSC candidates are contesting a seat: 38

In addition there is the TUSC list of 17 candidates for the Greater London Assembly, and the TUSC candidate for the mayor of Liverpool, Tony Mulhearn.

This compares well with last year’s elections.  Then there were a total of 174 candidates, standing in 50 councils, who contested the local elections under the TUSC umbrella.  However, in 2011 there were elections in 279 councils (all in England) with 9,396 seats to be filled.  So last year TUSC fielded a candidate in 18% of the councils where there were elections and contested 2% of the seats.

This year there are elections in just 128 councils in England, with 2,407 seats to be filled.  In England TUSC is standing 118 candidates (5% of the seats) in 34 of the local authorities where there are elections (27%).  In Wales there are 14 TUSC candidates (out of the 1,224 seats vacant) in four of the 22 Welsh councils with elections.

In Scotland, all 32 councils are up for election, with 1,222 seats (proportionally elected in multi-member wards).  There are 38 candidates standing in nine Scottish councils as the Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition – a name registered by TUSC and made available to candidates in Scotland, in accordance with the TUSC mandate to enable trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners to contest elections without having to appear on the ballot paper as ‘Independent’ or with no ‘party description’.







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