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Support for TUSC from London Turks and Kurds

Support for TUSC from London Turks and Kurds

by Ozgur Akbaba

Nick Wrack spoke on behalf of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) at the 4th GIK-DER Culture and Art Festival in Edmonton on Friday 27 April.

The festival was dedicated to Hrant Dink, an Armenian journalist and writer who was killed in Istanbul in 2007. Over 600 people, mainly Kurdish and Turkish, attended the event which included music, poetry, political speeches and dancing. A Greek band, Armenian musicians and a famous left wing singer from Turkey performed.

The presenter of the event, who is on the management committee of GIK-DER, spoke in favour of TUSC and asked people to vote for TUSC, explaining how to vote on the orange ballot paper.

Nick, who is a candidate for the London assembly elections on 3 May, brought solidarity from TUSC to the festival and expressed support for the Kurdish national struggle and the struggle of all for basic democratic rights and called for an end to repression. He explained TUSC’s position in opposition to all cuts and privatisation and its socialist aims. His speech was well received, being interrupted by applause from the audience several times.

Afterwards, leaders of the communities expressed a desire to collaborate further but expressed their disappointment that they had not been asked to participate in the Coalition well before the election.


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